Sight from The East, Beginning Story

Brand Sight from the East just yesterday the release.

This is one way that we can get the funds to go to the environment conference in Okinawa, Japan (UNEP) together with papa Jo.

He went alone without documentation. We feel the need to accompany. Why?

Because we wanted to document all activities Papa Jo to represent Indonesia in the success of the conference.

We are determined to take him and the people of Indonesia East to see Papa Jo's track record in the form of a documentary entitled "Plastic Man Journey".

We do not have vested interests, nor shelter in an institution. We only collaborate with buying original woven fabric of East Indonesia and then modify it with a denim with the help of a traveling tailor named Fahmi.

Similarly, the way we make crowdfunding, traded 350 thousand rupiah with a piece of denim weaving native Indonesia East as a form of support to our friends.

Release of the first series there are two issues raised, Manggarai and Watubelapi.

For friends who want to follow crowdfunding please to choose denim weaving available when desired is up, we can make (custom made), by providing a size commonly used, types of denim (long / short / dress), the rest of the loom we have is a series Watubelapi.

Transparency of revenues from crowfunding will be updated every day. Total demand to post production was 30 million rupiah. Now we've got a fund of 15.6 million rupiah. Shortage of funds 14.4 million rupiah.

Source of funds:

Total: 28,400,000.00 + tickets Garuda

We hope you to support this crowdfunding. Thank you very much.

Jakarta, 14 September 2013


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