About Me

Intan Anggita is a movement builder using fashion and communication to catalyze action for social and environmental issues. She is the co-founder of Setali Indonesia, a growing social enterprise that carries the spirit of sustainable fashion and slow living. Setali Indonesia empowers the public to reduce fashion waste by inviting people to declutter their belongings and donate unused items to be resold or recycled. 


Intan has been recycling fashion since 2004. She began by running a fashion brand that fuses denim with ikat, an Indonesian weaving technique, to raise money for a website about inspirational people in Eastern Indonesia: Menuju Timur, brand name is “Sight from The East”. Because of this brand, Intan received the Kartini Next Generation Award in 2014 from the Minister for the Role of Women and the Minister of Communication and Information in the field of Art and Culture. After about seven years, Intan's brand evolved into a denim upcycled clothing line that uses fabric waste from local brands, product designers, and donations from people’s decluttered items. “Sight from The East rebranding to Sight from The Earth”.


In 2019, Andien Aisyah invited Intan to manage a foundation focused on sustainable living called Salur Indonesia. When Intan entered the foundation, she began to sharpen her focus on sustainable fashion and the field of fashion recycling. Intan now does both downcycling and upcycling, and makes Textile Art as a "closed-loop" fashion recycling effort. She often holds full workshops and is a speaker at sustainable lifestyle events. Most recently, she has been working on Textile Art in collaboration with Ikat Indonesia and Didiet Maulana, narrating the documentary film "Water, The Source of Life" produced by Anatman Production and Women Earth Alliance 2020. 2015 received 20 young Agent of Change from Indonesia by UNFPA. 2019 built Setali Indonesia as a Co Founder on Research and Development.

Most recently has been working on Textile Art for Greenpeace South East Asia, one of Indonesian accelerator Women Earth Alliance 2020 and 50 Punggawa Bumi of Media Indonesia 2020. Berita Satu People & Inspiration Awards nominee Environment 2022, Women of The Year Her World Indonesia 2022, guest lecture on many fashion faculty about sustainable fashion on two years. 2023 Indonesian delegate for ASEAN Green Cultural Entrepreneur. 2023 artist residency in Miyagi Japan, grant by Japan government.

Solo Exhibition:
2022, Barang Lama Bersemi Kimball, Astha Mall,
2023, World Within Wardrobe, BNA Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, 2023, In Nature We Trust, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand

2023 release book about sustainable fashion:

World Within Wardrobe (Dunia Dalam Lemari)

Intan's goal is to scale up her practice as recycling artist and forming a sustainable fashion conference to bring communities together.




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