Rebranding Sight from The East to Sight from The Earth

After almost 7 years established, we decide to involve growing through the sustainable brand. Before that, Sight from The East had 100 article just for the cause. Now we made recycling denim every month, limited by theme, one article one piece. We add on anykind of fashion waste and change "ikat" concept to the exploring another fabric.

Sight from The Earth is the our new brand collaboration with Ayla Dimitri the fashion prodigy, Natazha Nata the side stream designer and my social enterprise, Setali for the source of fashion waste. Im so honour Ayla catch us with kind energy and alighment so magical. This chapter is about PROLOGUE.

Because of Ayla cheer me up for this my new step, gave me  good FAITH and believe to our inner selves, i took a chance to grow up as a sustainable brand. It is our first chapter.


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