Tetralogy Rahsa Nusa

In 2020 we asked Indonesian designers to collaborate with leftover fabrics from sewing. The remaining cloth was planned to be used as a new work to raise funds to pay the salaries of Setali's employees. At that time, due to the impact of the pandemic, Setali could not carry out normal activities.

But unfortunately only Didiet Maulana was willing to collaborate. Finally, after doing research, the cloth was used as a wall hanging which would then be auctioned, the work was named Tetralogy Rahsa Nusa.

A series of 4 stories from the archipelago in collaboration with Setali Indonesia and Didiet Maulana, inspired by memories of the natural beauty of the archipelago.

Project 1; Langit Nusa

As for stories about the sky and the things under it, it brings us to an awareness of the meaning of gratitude. The blessings of the earth are always present, fully supported by the inhabitants of the sky; solar, rain, constellations and many more. Which resident of the sky are you waiting for the most? 

I really like the rain, it creates the scent of the earth and the routine that is enough to bring life.

Weaving process from various leftover Indonesian Ikat fabrics.

Tetralogy Nusa Project 2; Bahari Pagi

From various songs about the sea and pride as the next generation of sailors' ancestors, we elevate the spirit of the salty smell of beach sand and the cool breeze of the coast in this work. As a great nation, may our deep gratitude for all the abundance of natural resources be reflected in the Morning Sea. To the beautiful islands of Indonesia and its people who are bestowed with virtue.

Beautiful fabrics from Ikat Indonesia and Svarna By Ikat Indonesia

Tetralogy Rahsa Nusa Project 3: Padang Wangi.

In awakened human souls, there are flowers blooming that will live, thrive, and blossom in the empty void that is filled. Images, dreams, lara, drama, and friends are solace as side dishes of life. Enjoy a real meal; an abundance of taste is enough.

Tetralogy Rahsa Nusa Project 4 with Nike Prima: 

The auction went well and we were able to survive pandemi because of the event and I made special mini wall hangis for Didiet Maulana.


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