Me, Angga Sasongko and Anggia Kharisma

In 2013, Angga Sasongko and I made a music program that took the theme of the Efek Rumah Kaca songs. The event lasted about 3 episodes before Angga was busy shooting various types of films. Efek Rumah Kaca came to respond, the sources themselves varied according to the topic raised, Cinta Melulu, Agus Noor and Aan Mansyur, Becoming Indonesia, Savicali, Glenn Fredly, Alissa Wahid, and finally Your Body Turns Blue with Sujiwo Tejo at Trisakti.

As Angga Sasongko shot video clips, short films and so on, I became more and more familiar with Anggia, his girlfriend at the time, I was often invited to shoot, to become a wardrobe crew. That's where I started to like work related to fashion, although on the other hand I've started upcycling clothes.

I started rarely taking part in filming because of my busy schedule traveling around East Indonesia, but we still had a lot of cuts, moreover the three of us were both close to Glenn Fredly. I helped with their wedding and when I met Aria then developed Pasar Santa, Angga and Anggia went to the market several times, as well as doing research at ABCD coffee for filming Coffee Philosophy

A few years later Anggia and I decided to study jaipongan together privately at Visinema, a lot happened at that time, I was already focused on becoming a recycling artist, Anggia asked me several times to make upcycled clothes for film purposes.

And then Angga, with his new house, also wanted me to make recycled rugs. This is the first time I've made the largest recycled denim rug, 1 x 2.5 meters.


On Anggia's birthday, I asked her to collect unused clothes from her wardrobe. Voila, I made a beautiful wall hanging to mark our sweet relationship.

Thank you Angga and Anggi for our decade of relationship.


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