Exhibition with Sejauh Mata Memandang, Bumi Rumah Kita

2021, Collaborating with Senayan City, also with Felix Tjahyadi as the drafter, and supported by Taco, Wardah, Mata Studio, Lynx Films, Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP) Movement, Rekosystem, Magnifique, Davy Linggar, Syah Establishment, and Greenpeace as NGO partners. The exhibition of Bumi Rumah Kita is an implication of SMM's determination to contribute to making the world more environmentally friendly. During the exhibition, SMM provided a dropbox area, where each visitor could enter trash such as Styrofoam, plastic bags, bubble wrap, plastic bottles (pet), sachets, used paper waste (magazines, newspapers, books, cardboard), can packaging, canned food, aluminum, beauty product waste, and textile waste for up-cycle and recycle.


Jaclyn Halim, GM Leasing & Marketing Communications Senayan City said that “Senayan City is delighted to be able to collaborate again with As far as the Eye. The program as far as the eye can see at the Bumi Rumah Kita Exhibition is in line with #SCCONSCIOUS, a campaign run by Senayan City to continue to educate the public to increase environmental awareness through a better lifestyle. Senayan City has consistently appealed to visitors to reduce plastic use by bringing shopping bags with them when shopping. Because no matter how small our actions are, there will definitely be changes for the better in the future.”

At this exhibition, SMM also collaborated with the younger generation of Indonesia to create innovations from waste processing, including; (1) Rekosistem as a partner in distributing and processing waste collected at the Bumi Rumah Kita exhibition, the community can also participate by sending their inorganic waste directly using the Rekosistem application so that later it can be recycled. (2) Rebricks also contributed by creating innovations in recycling sachet waste into paving blocks, (3) Mortier recycled bottle caps into tables, rio houses, plant houses, and chairs, and (4) Alvin T. used wood to become new furniture, (5) Setali utilize and reusing textile waste into woven carpets, and (6) Pable which recycles textile waste into new materials.

Recycling of textile waste as a result of fashion industry waste is of particular concern to SMM. “As a fashion label, we have a strong interest in the environment. For every purchase of one shirt from the eye of the view, consumers have contributed to help save the environment by participating in planting 1 tree in the Leuser Protected Forest, Aceh,” said Chitra.

The Daur Collection includes a fairly diverse range of products, such as slippers, multipurpose bags, pillows, cloth masks, hats, and recycled clothing collections. In addition, SMM also presents Bingkisan Hari Raya which includes Bingkisan RayaBingkisan Fitri, and Sayang Sandang Sayang Alam. Each of the parcels invites Sejauh Mata Memandang’s fans to be wiser in consuming the products, especially sustainable fashion products, which are expected to reduce textile waste.

"SMM's goal of making the earth slowly recover from the waste emergency, we will continue to strive for. Through the concept of sustainable fashion that we run, we also continuously encourage people to start using environmentally friendly products and open the first steps for Indonesian consumers to start a sustainable lifestyle,” concluded Chitra.



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