My Wedding Dress from Pasar Gedebage

This photo was taken 5 years ago behind Grandma's house on our wedding day.  Maybe from this photo, it can be seen clearly that the concept of sustainable fashion in my everyday life, even important days.  We are never ashamed to admit that the items we use are often preloved / second hand / vintage / used items or whatever they are called.  In this photo, everything we use is nothing new, except for Aria's sewing pants because there is no right waist size.  The rest of the dress is from Gedebage flea market, the preloved docs from my close friend and the Aria shirt that he owns everyday when working in an office.  Up to now 85 percent of my Teduh clothes are preloved from online shop  or my son of friends clothes that are already too small.  Now even the everyday clothes of Aria and I are bought at our foundation, Setali Indonesia or rent at Style Theory.  So be proud to be part of #circularfashion, keep earth still breathing with slow living ❤️ #sustainablefashion


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