Weaving memories in a small house where fireflies come home.
My poems are starting to like to talk about the policy of a broken heart
With a pair of chair legs, you wiggle playfully
Hear my rhymes that sound by themselves
Like those who like longer in the bathroom
I also prefer to be showered with longing like a shower, 


But the more we lick miss, the wetter the words in the kiss
I like the way you smile after cuddled
There are flowers on the edges of your lips like satisfied foam and a little savory
What disappears then freezes, the sour taste of your armpit smell
My dear, let everything be so memorable in my breath
let that hug be like stargaze
Let it be a filling breakfast for the next few days
Fluorescent light turns into fireflies..

spell the clouds before evening
The grass swayed gently towards the south wind
The moon is shining…
At the climax of longing, I was reluctant to share a single word
Stories can get rid of feelings
The fog of reason swirls in the head
Then it withers at the flick of the fingers of logic
Millions of times ago we have clashed attacks
You with lush roots of shadows
I promise to follow the sun's axis
Pillared dreams of colors tread the rainbow
Slightly touching the sky but also back to earth
We can be jealous of anything,


but nature doesn't have time to write down our sins
We hold hands, cry on piles of cardboard memories,


as if intimacy will grow old
Seeing your silent lips, I pulled you to a lonely place
Kiss, then kill the spoiled child in our bodies
Embrace surrender to the surroundings
change the body incarnated light that comes from tears
Dance us with a smaller body
Glowing hugs quietly becomes a firefly.


We are fireflies looking for the way home.



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